The Magic Of Our Mindset




This book is about exploring our mindset and improving it where necessary to help us achieve our objectives and be happy in life. It is not about making millions and feeling superior to someone else. So often, it is seen that even measurably successful people consider themselves ineffectual as they do not know how to look at the bigger picture of their lives. Successes come in different shapes. Knowing the totality of human life helps us to live a more meaningful life. Having the appropriate mindset can do the trick. Mindset is a people issue and therefore it is a global issue. Many of the conflicts in the world can be attributed to our lack of appropriate mindset, in dealing with local and international issues. The issue of our mindset is a much wider matter. It is not restricted to any particular people of certain age, culture or place. Starting from our family issues, where family members cannot get along well or issues relating to schools, colleges, hospitals, workplaces, places of worship or any organisations, where its people cannot resolve matters meaningfully due to their poor mindset, can be seen all over the world. The sooner we learn to question our own mindset and modify it as needed, the sooner we can make our personal lives better and the world, a better place. A small change in our mindset can result in a magical transformation in the outcome we want to achieve, in matters that could torment us for so long.


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