Looking Farther Afield

Looking Farther Afield...


Once we can see the basic psychosocial modus operandi, how mindset works and how important it is to have an appropriate mindset in all aspects of life, we should be able to discover our necessity to improve our mindset, where necessary. That understanding within us will take us forward to a totally different mental state, never considered possible earlier!

Our future is in our own hands. It can be beautifully bright, if we have the right way of going about our lives and have the right mindset to steer our way, through our natural ups and downs that we all have to go through, without any exceptions. What stops us from being a full part of a great future for humanity, is our mindset of self-imposed limitation, set by ourselves on ourselves, by way of considering ourselves to be ordinary people and reckoning some others to be special, without questioning the validity of our thoughts.

Who are ordinary people and who are the special ones? Could this not be wrongly engraved in our mindset? Do we not see so often, the so-called ordinary people doing extraordinary things and the so-called special people doing the opposite? Is it not the case that undervaluing our ‘selves’, makes us ordinary people? If we have the right mindset on everything we do, would such a question be necessary?

The challenge is to work hard on whatever we do, adopt an appropriate mindset and try to contribute our share beyond our work ambits, to make this world a better place!

The truth is everything that we do, is a reflection of our mindset.

"Through our mindset, we make friends or foes!"

A mission for everyone!

As it so happens, that of all human populations in the world, even in the so-called developed nations, many are so poor that the welfare benefit system cannot help them enough, placing them under serious risk. Soup kitchens provided by NGOs and religious organisations, alleviate some hardship but sleeping rough outside, through the dreadful winters, cost many lives every year in Europe and the West.

In the third world or developing countries, a few do well; many manage to get by reasonably; some can keep their body and soul together. Many are so poor that they are unable to look after themselves at all. Their desperate plight is pitiful, to say the least.

In the mostly very poor and war-torn countries of Middle East, Africa and Asia, known as the fourth World, the TV pictures tell us of the un-endurable poverty and endless sufferance of hundreds of millions of people. Again millions of people languishing in large numbers of refugee camps scattered throughout various countries, with their indescribable stories, tell us of humanity’s failure to look after its own kind. To evaluate human misery, all throughout this world, is a sheer impossibility.

Poverty aside, a fair number of people with certain disabilities (physical or mental) from their birth, or caused by the hard realities of the competitive and indifferent world, require proper support. Even in the proud developed world, the number of people suffering from serious physical disadvantages of all kinds; mental illnesses growing at an alarming rate, bring despair to alert people, who are conscious of the bizarre world, we are living in. Being indifferent to reality, by the well-off groups, the plight of the rest of the communities does not get enough attention. The sheer demands on government health and social services, has resulted in a serious breakdown of essential medical or after-care services.

Being born slightly not quite perfect is not unnatural. Indeed, it is the most natural thing to be. Not all apples in an apple tree come out perfect; neither does every student do well in exams, in the same way! It is our understanding the world, in the correct manner that can help us to feel happy about this world with all its imperfections, as well as outstanding beauties and miraculous surprises.

So how can we live in this world, without a certain kind of security and surety? It will appear that even in the richest nations in the world - their governments cannot look after all illnesses of their people. The only way we can try to mitigate the hardship of laws of nature, is to allocate some time, effort and money by everyone of us, who are reasonably better off to help our fellow human beings, when they are in troubled times. And this can only happen, if we can develop our mindset with a mission in all of us. It is not impossible. It becomes impossible because we have set our mindset negatively.

Changing our mindset for the better will unlock the huge energy that has remained latent in us for doing well for society. The challenge is to start the journey!

Think of a mission and continue to work quietly!

It will give you a sense of purpose in life.