Wider Perspective

A wider perspective!

While floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, storms, wildfires and diseases cause difficulties, destructions and sufferance to mankind, our mind with a poor mindset, causes a lot more damage and pains to us. The tragedy is that most of such sufferance is avoidable, only if we had the right mindset to deal with the issues involved. So there is enormous hope!

Starting from the small family matters or problems between two people, many social, political, religious and economic issues get wrongly diagnosed and wrong remedies are administered because of having the wrong mindset to deal with these problems. People who had lived for thousands of years together amicably, have in recent years failed to sort out their issues and split-up, to build many mini-states losing natural security, conveniences, opportunities and natural resources, making them impoverished because of the wrong mindset. This is a global scenario and is causing many conflicts and wars now, all over the world. Men resorting to violence in the First and Second World War, including dropping the atomic bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, reflected the weakness of our mindset. Our present global situation is frightening and no part of the world is free from catastrophic consequences. So the issue of our mindset, in all matters needs to be constantly questioned.

Many of the major malfunctionings of organizations and conflicts in the world, in the past, have been due to people at the top, not having the appropriate mindset. The banking crisis of 2007/8 was triggered by adopting careless practices to make quick gains by people in power, in the banking sector. This too happened, as a result of a selfish mindset, of certain groups of people.

What kind of a mindset, some people may have, that one can do business, amass a huge personal fortune, live in ultimate luxury and yet fail to maintain the pension funds of its tens of thousands of employees, abandoning them in total insecurity, in their old age after they retire? The list of follies can go on!

So looking into our mindset, on everything we do, is of paramount importance. Applied appropriately, our mind can rescue us from all sorts of dangers, provided we are prepared to abandon some of the old and new negative thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and ways. Our mind is the most beautiful thing we will ever find. Using it intelligently with wisdom, is our responsibility.

Mindset Miracle is about promoting a healthy mindset, to help people to live with friendship and brotherhood, so that we can have a peaceful world, free from unnecessary hardships, conflicts, sufferance and destructions.

Understanding successes and failures in life!

The dictionary meaning of ‘success’ is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. But in practice, this explanation does not get much emphasis. The commonly used meaning of success, denotes being wealthy or famous. To this purpose, so many books are available everywhere, with titles like, ‘Be a Millionaire’, ‘Reach to the top’ and so on. It is nothing wrong in being successful and rich; so long in its pursuit, we do not adopt any underhand manner, which damages others in some way or another. Countless numbers of books on motivation to become somebody successful, fill the shelves of bookstores and pages on the Internet. So, most peoples’ ideas of successes remain within this ambit.

However, the explanation itself appears to have certain limitations, in view of the fact that many of today’s people are involved in helping people in the most difficult of circumstances, dealing with natural disasters, wars or conflict zones, risking their lives. They do a heroic job. Couldn’t such accomplishments be worthy of being recognised as success? So understanding, ‘successes in our lives’, is the first step in achieving success!

Helping to adopt the appropriate mindset to better our lives.....

Changing our mindset to better our lives and improve the society we live in is not a complicated task. This we can see from the massive progress, we have made over the centuries.

Questioning our own mindset, on various contemporary global issues, as well as issues very close to our home and listening to various opinions expressed by others, can help us to form our own mindset with better clarity. We may be surprised to see sometimes, how soon we could be changing our mindset, by listening to two different arguments on a particular issue.

With the modern communication systems we have, we are in a hopeful world. We can make a lot more progress in all aspects of our lives and fast, provided we are willing to leave behind the old mindset that has no role to play in the present world we live in. With logic and wisdom, we can see that the whole humanity is one, with common hopes, needs, joys, fears, wishes and the desire to be happy and peaceful. Certainly we can also see the opposite. But the encouraging thing is that most people will choose the positive path, if it was available to them.

To help you to do so, two lecture trip books providing clear insight into mindset and personality development, have been presented to you, believing that you may find them interesting and applicable to build the first foundation steps, towards understanding mindset issues of 21st Century modern society, while not totally disconnecting from the long cherished values, established in the past!

Making appropriate changes to our mindset....can truly change our lives for the better!